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    Fortnite is the best Game ever

    EVERYBODY play whit fortnite

    27 april 2020 20:13 2830

    EVERYBODY play with fortnite

    27 april 2020 20:14 2830

    No, not everybody! I not really like this game, I think, the CS:GO is better!! But yeah... So much people play this game...

    27 april 2020 21:04 2830

    Yeah i like it but not All do because of map and sweats

    8 may 2020 08:30 2830

    i like this game because you can build,but im still slow at it

    8 may 2020 10:02 2830

    its not roblox is better and minecraft is better they are way too better

    8 may 2020 10:22 2830

    I like it better than PUBG

    8 may 2020 15:31 2830

    Fortnite is not the best game ever. I don't enjoy it that much for like playing it for hours but it is ok for a little gameplay a day. That is my opinion and some might say that it is the best and they play for hours, but I'm not one of those people.

    8 may 2020 16:37 2830

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