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    League of Legends

    (4.48/5) 1416 rates

    Who was the best team mate you have ever played with?

    Do you remember who was it? Tell us something about them.

    31 december 2017 07:15 77

    It could have been one spectacular guy from a ranked solo queue match who played nunu sprinting right down the middle into the face of the enemy tower over and over

    31 december 2017 11:20 77

    Hard to say... I honestly have experienced more ugly than beautiful things in this game when I used to play it back in the day. Currently inactive but I do not think anything has changed since then.

    31 december 2017 22:52 77

    лига класс лучше чем дота не лучшая игра века

    28 july 2019 16:48 77

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