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    MODs forwarding feedback

    Τhis is just a speculation, but since Shady mentioned rereleases as an issue and since i think as a mod he knew what is coming in December for xmas , in pretty sure there will be rereleases for this Xmas

    20 december 2017 22:47 897

    Go to: https://support.smilegateeurope.com/hc/en-us/requests/new And choose category Report Hack and Hack Type > Glitch Fill out the form with the information they ask for. You might not know what Timestamp means, that's the start and end time of where it's the most obvious that the player is glitching in the replay that you attach to the ticket. An example would be 03:00-03:50. If it's not obvious right away, it doesn't hurt to add more timestamps, more evidence is never a bad thing. Send 1 ticket for 1 player, otherwise it just gets confusing very quickly. hat

    10 september 2018 16:23 897

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