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    Facing the russians in RB.

    I haven't played a single game in which we won when facing the russians. Not a single one. I don't really think the russian teams are aparted by pros, or highly experienced players, whereas our team isn't. The thing is, and I'm sorry to say that, that the russians planes are a bit biased. --I've got some examples: 1) I was flying a Tempest, max upgrades, really beautiful performance. I went for a BnZ on one of two approaching planes, but unfortunately, missed my target, so I kept on going without losing any speed (I was flying at about 690 km/h as far as I can remember, and at 100m altitude- Sea Level). They were coming from 12 o'clock, kinda high. One of them was a La-9, he made a turn and went after me. His turn was quick, so he started firing from the moment he was at my six. I thought "Well, let him chase me, he'll never catch me anyway..". But no. Hell no. He kept coming closer and closer. And eventually killed me. ("Tempest fastest prop in the game ez m8" my ****). 2) I was flying a Spitfire F Mk XIVe (researched all the modifications except Compressor, Airframe and Wings Repair), and a Yak-9UT tried to BnZ me, I took a shallow turn, but he did that (by the time he missed) as well. What amazed me is that we were turnfighting for like 2 minutes. He kind of managed to get a shot on me but an ally of his killed me in the end. I mean, come on, I accept being outturned by a japan plane, but a Yak outturning a Spit, I can't possibly accept that. Apart from those moments, every time my team faces a russian team, we lose. I don't really join games facing the russians anymore. (And I can say that when I fly the Yak-3, I feel really OP, and I've researched only the gun upgrades. It turns like there's no tomorrow.)

    19 december 2017 22:46 11

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