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    Steam Mystery Trading Card

    I guess you guys heard of them too. With the intention of getting some XP, i will just ask you guys if you know how to get them instead of going for the usual googleing it approach that i'm used to ... you get some XP for answering too, win-win xD Sooo, how does one get those Mystery Cards? Just by crafting badges? Maybe there are some less known methods to get them ;)

    18 december 2017 07:36 1628

    The only way to get the Mystery Cards is by crafting badges, purchasing them from the community market, or by trading for them.

    18 december 2017 14:29 1628

    When the sale starts in 3 days they will turn into regular cards with which you can carft the new badge. And these cards will also be available through the sale event (usually 3 per day).

    18 december 2017 16:41 1628

    atm you can get them only from crafting a badge (you get 1 card) or trading with other people or buying them from the market. But when the christmas sale starts, you're going to get 1 card for every 5USD spent od games and 3 cards per day for free from an event (it's usually just clicking through discovery queue three times).

    18 december 2017 17:30 1628

    Trading Card community market

    18 december 2017 20:26 1628

    Thanks for the helpful replies, guys ☺

    19 december 2017 14:43 1628

    never heard of it only trading community on steam

    19 december 2017 15:57 1628

    I get trading cards for no reason at all? how this event works and when it will be up?

    20 december 2017 19:02 1628

    Sale starts in about 5 hours :)

    21 december 2017 13:42 1628

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