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    Game Market - with developer's answers

    In previous Developer Blogs we introduced you to various aspects of our project, but never mentioned one of the most interesting topics — the Market. This is where you can quickly buy or sell items and resources. Or you can snatch the best offer and make a great deal. Today we want to talk in depth about the game Market. As you know, players can assemble their dream vehicles of virtually any shape, using various structures and frames, which can be obtained as battle rewards or built using Faction workbenches. You can also find the parts you need on the Market and just buy them from other players. The Market in our project is a unique place, where players can sell any parts obtained in a battle or built with a workbench, at a price that they feel is right. Pricing on the market is determined solely by players. They decide at what price they want to sell or buy all parts. All market transactions are conducted with in-game currency called ‘Coins’. Players can get coins through Gaijin.net store or on the market, by putting parts or resources up for sale. Remember that parts and resources can be obtained as a reward for victory in PvP-battles or PvE raids.

    17 december 2017 22:46 2176

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