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    Controls have gone wierd

    Can someone help me? I was generally playing WT when something totally weird happened. I went to test flight the "Typhoon" when I noticed that I had a weird circle that limited my angle of turn, and when me plane had gathered the speed to take off my plane started turning to the left. When I tried to turn right, my right wing was taken off and I crashed. This happened multiple times. I then tried to battle with other players using my usual plane setup: Gladiator Mk II, Fury Mk II, Hurricane Mk IIB Trop, Hurricane Mk I/L, and the Blenheim Mk IV. Still the same, just without turning to the left. The pitch had also gone weird as well. It wouldn`t pull down constantly lightly if i put the aim a little down. Instead it would point the nose down slightly. My camera also automatically rotates with the plane, making it impossible to see. Because of this, I find it difficult to play the game and almost immediately crash. Please send me replies if you have a solution to the problem. Thank you.

    16 december 2017 23:17 11

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