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    Assault mode: air combat comments

    So far I have found very little information on this, so I want to throw my two cents in; I wish this was a once a day thing, so many times i get thrown into a group that seems to be levelling planes from scratch, which kinda sucks because the rewards are crap in PvE modes, and for people who are playing just for the booster.... it kills the group. Lastly my top picks for lower level planes to use (just because I've witnessed people bringing planes that clearly suck against bombers); 1. at 3.0 the p-47, any variant including the german premium with a BR of 2.7 ( best mix of armour, speed, turn time, burst mass and energy retention) all top pilot's with 25+ kills use this plane at this tier, I prefer the ground target belt, however some pilots swear by the tracer belt. 2. at 2.3 bf 110 at this tier you face the lowest tier enemies ( good armour, climb and speed are acceptable, weapons are unmatched at this tier + a rear gunner ). nothing at 3.0 or below can come close to these planes, there are some higher tier planes that really excel at assault mode, although not everyone has high tier planes unlocked for every country so I did not want to go into them! If anyone wants to add to this list of recommended planes for assault mode : air, please do so!

    16 december 2017 23:16 11

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