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    Defeat or Victory

    I start this topic by saying there is a pattern for long time in WT. Appears usually when you playing vehicles that needs mods. Researching modules for your vehicles will fall into "defeat branch " simply because if you have victory than a 120% RP bonus will apply to your score at the end of the battle. In 95 % of the cases when you are in top players in your team with kills and zone captures, k assists than you have big score but in 95 % of the cases will be a defeat so the 120 % victory bonus doesn't apply. I tested this on several vehicles I was researching,spading lately M56,T95 E1, Vickers MBT, Leopard A1, Ghepard, STB1 (very prone to this pattern, 99% of the big score battles are defeats), SU 100P, T55, BMP. In simple words the server will deny the 120% victory bonus so the research rate will always go slow forcing you to find alternatives like buying the modules with gold.

    16 december 2017 22:52 11

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