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    War Thunder

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    Kamikaze Planes In Arcade Battles

    I'm sure plenty of others have brought this up, but why are planes able kill open top or lightly armored vehicles in AB by crashing into them? I can't drive my M18 or anything else with little or no armor for more than 5 minutes before someone crashes into me and kills me. It's acceptable in RB considering you fly your own planes, and face consequences when you lose one, but it's pretty stupid in AB when you can simply get 1-3 ground kills, spawn in any plane, then get a kill by crashing into someone with no personal loss. Is this 'feature' for the sake of 'balance' or something?

    16 december 2017 22:44 11

    I dont play arcade anymore only rb for that reason

    21 march 2018 01:29 11

    yep so true

    8 april 2018 15:58 11

    just play arcade mode

    20 april 2018 19:19 11

    i do that accidentally

    3 october 2018 18:37 11

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