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    Air Assault: Hour Long Wait Times!

    Dear friend, Perhaps while Gaijin are in the mood to sheepishly walk back their broken economy Preliminary research and purchase changes for ground vehicles rank 3-5, we could also see some alleviation of the grind around end-game vehicles? It would be lovely to actually be able to play jet aircraft rather than be confronted by this: More below! EHQL0QY.jpg No need to suggest joining other game modes however, I regularly see larger teams in Air Assault than I do in Air Arcade Battles, and something turns me off about the idea of a 12 man match. Perhaps Air Assault could be retroactively added to War Thunder back before everyone gave up on researching jets? Really, I'm just spit-balling here, because honestly who is this game mode even for at this point? Why even include Air Assault in War Thunder in this worthless state? Alleviation of the grind around end-game is the surest way to streamline progression and get more people into these woefully vacant queues. That process should begin by walking back the 380,000 RP. Be reasonable, or just remove this already. Yours with love, - Killedwithkindness

    16 december 2017 22:44 11

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