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    WOWS Enjoyment - Completing Campaigns Faster

    Hey All (especially new players)! - Hangglide42 again w/ a quick set of suggestions on how to successfully complete campaigns more quickly. WG has just posted on its website a tease to prepare players for the 2 campaigns that will be arriving w/ 6.15 (probably) on the 20th of Dec in NA. If these campaigns are analogous to the Hunt for Graf Spee/Santa's Convoys campaigns from 2016, they will be temporary campaigns that will run for a certain time period and no longer be available. Given that everyone will be busy w/ various activities around the holidays, here's some advice on how to make your game-time more efficient towards completing these campaigns. I've posted a couple of forum articles in the past that should be useful: WOWS Enjoyment - Ships to Have in Port to Participate in In-Game Goodies Expands on the previous article going into specifics regarding Missions, Campaigns, Challenges and Scenarios and the type of task activities required. Knowing this allows you to have the right types of ships in your port to more efficiently achieve the task rewards while minimizing the number of games played. WOWS Enjoyment - Strategies for a Campaign (How to More Efficiently Earn Game Rewards) Uses the "Hunt for Bismarck" Campaign as an example showing step-by-step the way to overlap tasks, choose the most efficient tasks and pick the right ships in your port to execute the tasks to minimize game time to reap the campaign rewards (since all of us have other priorities as well)! Also covers the general odds and strategies re: collectibles and chances for receiving them in game (for RNG container based collections) - the strategy for skill based collections as in the Anniversary Collection will follow the principles used to chose your campaign tasks if you want to find the minimal game strategy to get your collection finished. WOWS Enjoyment - Getting More XP per Game If you've ever had trouble getting past the threshold for Campaign Tasks & Missions of the nature "Earn X Base XP in one Game" (the number is usually 1500/1600), this article explains the XP scoring sources. Understanding this can help boost the amount of XP you earn for these types of missions and turn them from a challenge to a piece-of-cake. There is also one source of XP that is generally not recognized that, if acted upon, can help address many forum complaints about static play and back-of-the map sniping BB tactics (and help you earn more XP as well)! Happy Holidays & hope to see you soon in-game (hopefully in your new Duke of York)! o7

    15 december 2017 23:09 89

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