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    Battleship question about higher tiers

    After long and extreme deliberation, I am considering abandoning my battleships. At tier 3 and 4 there is no other ship I would rather be in, but at tier 5 (with +2 mm coming into play) I have noticed that all each game is is blasting people over 15km away, missing, and waiting 30 seconds to do it again. Looking at youtubes of tier 8-10 games it is ALL at extreme ranges. I quite miss going ham on 3 cruisers at once <10 km in my Nassau. Is BB gameplay just basically sniping or is there a lot more close ranged stuff that I am missing out on? I would much rather be in a knife fight where I have to plan my turns, time my reloads, and spray hate with secondaries, as opposed being half asleep trying to judge the lead I should give a ship. Is it even worth going up or should bail on these ships? Sail on!

    15 december 2017 22:43 89

    Yeah, still trying to figure it out. Problem I'm running into is that, compared to FDG, my Tier 8 and below ships are a lot more mobile, and don't require the same degree of commitment to a course of action.

    Roon doesn't have that issue, but it seems so much harder to do anything more meaningful than farming damage, unless an opportunity drops in my lap.

    19 december 2017 00:04 89

    You seem to the type that the game needs in the High T range. You have the right idea. At low T BB's are pretty much punching bags as you have no real means to defend yourself and you rely totally on your main guns to do anything.

    19 december 2017 00:04 89

    FD was really a pain IMHO. Bismark was much better play and when I finally went from FD to GK it was like a light switch. I'll never get rid of the Bis, and if I haven't sold the FD already I will as soon as I get back. I had no use for it other than it was the ship I had to grind through to get GK. Just like Izzy on the way to Yam. Amagi was a dream, Izzy sucked. Yam rocks.

    19 december 2017 00:04 89

    Disagree on the "non manual seconds". Yeah you get to sling a lot of shells on both sides, but not a very high hit ratio. Learn to play the man seconds right and you can take out a ship on one side with them while taking out the other with your mains. If you just like to see little fireflys going every which way around your ship.. sure. don't take the manuals. If you have DD's at 6k around you. They are too close. At the higher tier range you need every bit of the 11.6 range and you need to get that fire focused...aka manuals. If you see a DD at 6k in the high T games.. You are probably already dead and just don't know it yet. But you will in about 2 seconds after you spot him.

    19 december 2017 00:04 89

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