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    World of Warships

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    melting teams

    I was trying to bring this issue to this forum attention before and of course I just got trolled. It's very interesting that almost all the forum trolls are very loyal to Wargaming and fiercely attack anyone who wants to bring any issues to the forum attention. Anyone who has a business and hired PR agency knows that some "players" on this forum are basically hired by Wargaming people who's job is to praise what Wargaming does and to discourage anyone from saying anything bad about what WG does. Their job is to "improve company's image". it's a very common business practice. Of course there are those who just troll others because of their personality issues, but I don't thing those are majority here. I rarely see someone who praises WG being trolled in such a fierce full way as those who complaint about something. Also trolling not present to this extent in the game chat or other non-Wargaming WoWS forums. I have found some answers outside this forum about melting teams, but I hope to find out more here. Anyway, here is the situation: In the past weeks my average XP have improved by about 5%. My kill ratio is 1.32. My average XP in ranked battles is over 1400 and over 1000 in random battles. My win ratio used to be 53% for a several months but some time ago my daily win ratio usually stays at 20 - 30%. On average I take SECOND place by XP in my team and I'm the one of last surviving ships. In every game that is a Defeat, my XP within my team is 1st or 2nd. In Victory games it's on average 4th. My teams just melt. Looks like MM keeps putting me constantly in teams of weak players. Clearly when there are 23 other players my low win ratio is not caused by my skills. Even AFK games have average 40% win ratio, not 20. Again, I'm on average 2nd most experienced player by XP in my team (post game stats). This situation affects my account since August. It is very consistent. On a good day I get 40-50% win ratio but that's rare (once every 5-6 days). While getting such a low win ratio in the last days I got number of achievements like Kraken (up to 8 kills) or Witherer. My average account XP have improved by 5%. Isn't that interesting? I have done an experiment: I have created second account some time ago, and when I play using that second account my win ratio is at 52% on average. On a bad days I get 40%, but then there are days when I get over 60% win ratio. When I switch to my original account i get 20% win ratio again. I have no doubt that Wargaming is manipulating (balancing) win ratio of players by MM player skill composition. They actually have a patent for doing this. If you have experienced such thing, please let me know how long (how many games) it lasted until changed. Was there a threshold for an average win ratio that have triggered this?

    14 december 2017 21:30 89

    So now that Dasha is in the game, the next logical step is to make her a Legendary Captain. I'm guessing Russian is the closest bet for her. Any thoughts on captain skills for her? (keep it clean) 15% expanded spotting distance similar to the module upgrade (see always sees what's coming before we do). 10% bonus to AA (from having to shoot down all the people creeping on her all the time.) 10% bonus to ship acceleration [not top speed, just acceleration] (she makes us want to

    14 november 2019 16:42 89

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