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    World of Warships

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    what new tactics will be required for deep water torps?

    I have been thinking about this lately what will Battleship captains have to do if the Pan-Asian line becomes super popular and it leads to more sinking. I guess one could research vigilance in the skill tree no idea if that will be enough to react to deep water torps fast enough. Sower battleships will no doubt get hit by these while the French battleships will supposedly be able to outrun them using speed boost at least that's what I see on reddit. There has to be a balance yes I know, but I am a afraid a bit of these deep water trops indirectly nerfing slower battleships in the game. If anyone has been thinking of tactics to work around deep water torps let's discuss them here. I do enjoy new lines to the game it's new mechanics that are powerful that require new thinking. This is posted here due to BB's being affected the most with deep water torps.

    13 december 2017 18:28 89

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