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    Your experience with Queen Elizabeth?

    Only had 10 games, so certainly a small sample. But am wondering what other people's experience is. Warspite has been one of my main ships, with over 780 games. Queen Elisabeth is no Warspite. What do you feel QE's dispersion is like? I don't seem to be able to hit broadside cruisers. All eight shots seem to go consistently over-and-under. So her dispersion pattern (even with the Aiming Systems Modification which I fitted out of exasperation) feels very different to Warspite. The guns certainly feel very different to her sister ship (even when Warspite had the slow traverse), so my problem may be trying to play her like Warspite. And QueenE's repair, even with all the appropriate flags, also doesn't seem to have a cool-down fast enough to counter the incoming damage from just one or two IF/HE cruisers, which I'd normally swat with Warspite anyway I guess. I've not encountered any serious carrier opposition in her yet, so I cannot comment on her AA other than to say it clearly gets stripped off quickly by incoming cruiser and destroyer fire. And the 5km anti-ship range of the 4.5in secondaries doesn't really come into play often. Not loving her. Not hating her. Just not understanding her at the moment.

    13 december 2017 18:16 89

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