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    what ammo is best?

    which is better he ammo or ap ammo?

    19 april 2020 12:59 89

    it depends. HE shells are good when you are engaging destroyers or cruisers, it will always penetrate the armour. it also have a higher chance of setting fires. AP shells are better at penetrating, usually used against battleships, however they have a chance of ricochet. when used against cruisers it generally over-penetrates and cause less damage. AP shells are mostly used to conduct citadel hits, aka the ship's vital parts, to deal more damage. personally i mostly use HE shells

    19 april 2020 13:18 89

    thank you for the tip :)

    22 april 2020 09:23 89

    😅норм игра

    22 april 2020 09:46 89

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