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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.61/5) 1696 rates

    Valorant or CS:GO

    Which one?

    18 april 2020 07:56 808

    i do hope that valorant is good so that it live up to all the hype in the community. Until then I still like CSGO. It has completly changed the way i see games. It has chaged gaming forever. So i will still support CSGO. Valve has always lived up ti its name and I think it is good to have a bit o f challenge. I am sure Valve has a few tricks up its sleeves.

    18 april 2020 10:50 808

    There's a video about how downloading Valorant can compromise your computer, so I think I'll stick with CSGO for now.

    20 april 2020 16:33 808

    cs"go is best

    20 april 2020 16:46 808

    cs go is much better

    20 april 2020 17:50 808


    20 april 2020 18:02 808

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