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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    Ak or deagle

    My opinomn is ak

    17 april 2020 18:48 808

    I have been dedicated to this game since 2017 with 1.4k hours on my account and I can clearly see that you're making many threads just for gaining Exp so stop it you hypocritical worthless member of this website, Ak47 is a rifle and the Desert Eagle is a Pistol, and it pisses me off on how you would want to make a comparison between a $700 pistol and with a $2700 rifle. that's the stupidest question I have ever heard from an 11-year old using a 20-year-old account.

    but anyways here's an answer you ungrateful greedy spoiled brat

    Ak47 advantages
    -1 shot potential
    -600 rpm
    -30 rounds with 90 in reserve
    -more accurate first shot accuracy
    -can hit units more further than the Deagle

    Deagle advantages
    -More Damage
    -strong 2 shot kill to the chest
    -more accurate jump shots than Ak47

    17 april 2020 19:08 808

    Ak is better i think.

    17 april 2020 19:25 808

    ak is good

    17 april 2020 19:34 808

    i think there is no comparision coz deagle is a pistol and ak is a assault right

    17 april 2020 20:35 808

    ak is good and u can one tap people if u had a good aim like scream

    17 april 2020 20:37 808

    ak 47 is best rifle weapon,de is best pistol weapon

    17 april 2020 20:42 808

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