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    Anime Games on Roblox

    I'm beginning to see a lot of games in Roblox that is based on anime like black clover, demon slayer, Jojo's bizarre adventure, and a lot more what do you guys think about these kinds of games?

    16 april 2020 19:23 2173

    these games are pretty good but I love the ost Boku no Roblox its based on the anime Boku no hero academia

    16 april 2020 19:26 2173

    ikr I love my hero academia and i like the idea that the kid without a quirk is getting more than 1 and i'm excited for the next season

    16 april 2020 19:29 2173

    some of them is great

    16 april 2020 19:32 2173

    g o o d

    16 april 2020 19:43 2173

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