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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    [New Update] Updated info concerning VAC bans and what you can no longer do when you get one.

    The Knowledge Base article I've been VAC banned now states two new additions to the restrictions from a VAC banned account. Can I upload content to game hubs if I've been VAC Banned? No. You cannot upload new content, such as guides and artwork, to a game hub where you have an active VAC ban in that game. This one has since been changed in the last 12 hours... Can I vote on Steam Workshop content if I've been VAC banned? No. Regardless of the game you've been VAC banned in, a VAC banned account can not vote on Steam Workshop content from any game. To this... Can I vote on Steam Workshop content if I've been VAC banned? You can't vote on Workshop content in any game that you are VAC or Game banned in. Additionally, if you have an active VAC or Game ban in any game, you will not be able to vote on Workshop content in Free to Play games. **This change no reflects to only affect the games you are banned in and Free to Play games workshop. Now this means that users have more restricted access to use the Steam features. I consider this to be a step forward in making it even less appealing to cheat.

    1 december 2017 22:13 808

    Temporarily pinned, likely ot be added to the FAQ at a later stage.

    Think these are good changes and hopefully curb all the fake votes on the Workshop and otherwise stop people from abusing functionality.

    1 december 2017 22:14 808

    Thread reorganized and removed references:- Invalid Steam UserID Ticket (old)
    - Issue with gamepad

    1 december 2017 22:16 808

    finally a guy with common sense. I thought that i am the only one who is thinking this new features unnecessary and bad

    2 december 2017 21:39 808

    In mine last game VAC succesfully banned cheater. Is it working now?

    2 december 2017 21:43 808

    This is pretty ridiculous, I make workshop mods for the game Insurgency and am always active on the workshop. Not being able to give mods I like a good rating is absurd, I can't even rate my own mods anymore. It's not hard for workshop boosters to just make new accounts with a temporary email, etc. Blocking VAC banned accounts likely won't stop anything. It hinders the community's ability to vote more than it does workshop boosters.

    2 december 2017 21:44 808

    There are other limitations in place to prevent that (limited account etc). I doubt they would have done this without good reason, so while you're free to speculate that it hurts you more than the overall community, that's a very one sided and wildly incorrect perspective issue.

    2 december 2017 21:45 808


    26 july 2019 20:08 808

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