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    arsenal vs phantom phorces

    from the begining of arsenal she crashed phantom phorces but phantom phorces still a good game to play but arsee snal with their new guns gaame modes and skins and emotes and much more other things arsenal is better in the control too its easy to control and shoot thats why the players prefered to play arsenal more than phantom phorces but phanto forces what i dont like in it that there is other players have levels and guns more than you and they will kill instantly becuse their guns are so so good and you have the starter gun you dont have a chance to level up arsenal all players have same guns no one is better than the other in guns but you have only good at shooting that what i like in arsenal that s why i like arsenal more than phantom forces.

    10 april 2020 16:08 2173

    Phantom Forces is better

    10 april 2020 16:21 2173

    hello hehe

    10 april 2020 16:23 2173

    PF is the best

    10 april 2020 16:24 2173

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