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    Thanks for the Rewards, Gamehag!

    Really quick service from Gamehag regarding a 20Euro Steam voucher!

    17 november 2017 14:03 1628

    Steam Wallet 20€
    Execution date: 17 november 2017 12:00
    Order date: 17 november 2017 11:23

    That's less than 40 minutes! Thanks for the service you guys. Will be keeping using you and recommending to friends.

    17 november 2017 14:04 1628

    Because they have stocks for 20 euro xD
    It would be different if you order a 5 euro wallet.
    Anyway congrats 😃

    17 november 2017 16:45 1628

    It would also be different if you order a 10 euro steam wallet, trust me...

    19 november 2017 01:10 1628

    I have heard the cheaper rewards aren't always in stock, this is why I aimed for the bigger ones. I hope I made GH some cash in the process.

    19 november 2017 11:54 1628

    50 Hearthstone Cards
    Order Date: 14th September
    Refunded On: 16th October

    Waited 33 Days just to have it refunded. I instead tried to purchase something else, in hopes they have it in stock/it would be delivered more quickly.

    Steam Wallet $10
    Order Date: 18th October 2017
    Execution Date: TBD

    It's been 32 Days as of today.. :(
    I tried getting my friends to join this website, but I havent been able to convince them with my experience so far.

    20 november 2017 00:04 1628

    Hey jay_low and Jayhon! Can you update us if you receive your cards? :)

    I've ordered 10€ about a week ago and still waiting as well...

    20 november 2017 17:19 1628

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