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    How do you guys can play this game after so long?

    So, it's been almost 2 years since I've first known League of Legends, but for about 6 months I can't stand the thought of even hearing about it, and I see people that play this game since it became a thing. How you guys keep interested in this game for so much time?

    16 november 2017 21:36 77

    I don't know. There's lots of reasons, like toxic people, for instance, and the game is always changing (it can be a good thing for some people bc it keeps the game interesting, but I just want to play the game, and not having to read 100 pages of changes every week). I don't know, I guess I just had my fun and now I'm not interested anymore?

    27 december 2017 18:25 77

    in my opinion LOL is a game that you mostly play with friends, thats why many still play it.But if you havent someone to play it with i understand then you would be bored of it.

    4 january 2018 19:12 77

    i have people to play with, and I guess thats part of the problem haha i introduced my boyfriend and a friend to this game and now the're so obsessed with it they wont stop talking about it

    5 january 2018 02:26 77

    Well i make long breaks for this game for some reason after 2-3 months of not playing i always want to return to it XD

    17 january 2018 08:25 77

    I'm trying to return to it, but bleh, don't have the same desire to play as I had when I started playing. Currently I'm just watching the local championship, and that's enough for me

    5 february 2018 20:34 77

    Try not to play it for the win, try crazing things, of course in normal mode, this might mae you to like it again.
    BTW all the small kids that were flaming left to play fortnite, so there is no flame anymore

    1 june 2018 13:10 77

    That's the thing, they don't try to make things better. They leave a champion unbalanced (be it stronger or weaker) just to make people play it more or less. They don't want the game to be balanced, they want to be able to change the meta whenever they want it, and every week when a new update comes out you have to learn the game all over again, because you used to deal x damage with a champion and now you're dealing y, so you have to learn how to farm again, how much damage you give in a fight, if you're able to kill someone with your current damage, your growth curve is affected, and I want to play for fun 2-3 times a week, I don't have the time to learn a new game every week

    4 june 2018 22:52 77

    If you play overwatch you see that they rarely change the champion's kit bc it's balanced, while in LoL they're constantly "trying" to balance things and only making it worse.

    4 june 2018 22:53 77

    I've been playing for 5+ years at this point, still gives me satisfaction. The toxic community thing hasn't been a problem for years, gotta laugh it off.

    14 july 2018 01:04 77

    I take long breaks.

    28 july 2018 05:14 77

    I first started to play lol in Season3 but i quit just after 2days, back into the game in Season4end

    3 august 2018 01:43 77

    well game is destroyed by the balance team but i am playing it even if i know that..

    7 august 2018 23:14 77

    I really enjoy Hit's ground game. Makes the game really enjoyable. I usually run Hit, Piccolo, Vegeta

    8 august 2018 14:53 77

    League of Legends's fandom IS sadly terrible. But... Strangely enough... It's incredibly addicting. When you try to stop playing, there's this empty feeling inside of you.

    8 august 2018 15:28 77

    We play the game because we got used with trollers,feeders, and etc

    10 august 2018 07:23 77

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