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    Is Adopt Me a good ROBLOX game?

    Personally I like Adopt Me because alot of things you can do but do you like it?

    8 april 2020 20:21 2173

    Personally, I hate Adopt Me because it's roleplay game but that's just my opinion. Depends on what kind of game you like.

    8 april 2020 20:24 2173

    well if you like it then its a good game to you but i dont play it bcs i dont play roleplay games

    8 april 2020 20:27 2173

    I don't ay roleplay games, so i don't know sorry.

    8 april 2020 20:44 2173

    I don't really like rp but my friend loves the game, so I guess everyone's opinion is different .

    8 april 2020 20:46 2173

    uhh for me i dont really like it but its quiet good lol

    8 april 2020 20:50 2173

    For me i dont like it but it is a developed game ngl

    8 april 2020 22:54 2173

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