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    178 million accounts (This answer reflects the numbers during 2017) There are currently 178 million accounts made on Roblox, most of them are alts and bots. According to David Baszucki, on Feb 9, Roblox hit 9M Montly active users. According to Inc Corp on July, Roblox have 12M+ Monthly active users.

    8 april 2020 09:47 2173

    Oof, so bots literally took over roblox?

    8 april 2020 10:13 2173

    Oh god, so does that means there are more bots than people?

    8 april 2020 10:17 2173

    cool ,maybe they are counting NPCs inside the games or maybe...... THERE are bots...... who knows, ... i got multiple theories tho

    8 april 2020 11:14 2173

    i had 4 accounts but now i use only one account

    8 april 2020 11:59 2173

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