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    Earning SG with mini games?

    I'm playing and playing and I find it pretty hard to earn any SG by playing mini games. Which games do you find the easiest?

    9 november 2017 17:23 1628

    I heard Fruit Katana game is best but I suggest not playing minigames at all

    9 november 2017 17:28 1628

    Fruit katana and Sorcerer

    10 november 2017 06:50 1628

    Sorcerer best, Katana second. Any other minigame takes too much time and effort.

    Also, don't use your free time to play minigames, go play some actual games. Only do minigames when you have nothing better to do or can't do anything better. For example, if I want I can play minigames at work when I'm taking a break, or when I'm sitting behind a craptop or Mac that can't run any decent games. Also good while watching series or animes, if you can do both things at once.

    10 november 2017 09:48 1628

    Oh, okay! What do you do instead?

    10 november 2017 11:06 1628

    I play the games on the Game tasks and at work, I usually try to write articles. Wrote one yesterday. Got approved a few hours ago for 350 gems.
    I expected a bit more, but then again, I didn't really do much. I just took a comment somewhere and explained it a 100 better and written more professional. I could've added some images, though...

    10 november 2017 12:48 1628

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