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    Task not getting verified

    So, I sent in a screeshot of the first task which is to fight a battle with a tier 2 ship. First, it got rejected. I took another screenshot, where it's more visible that I am playing with said tier 2 ship. That screenshot has been waiting for verification for over a day now. I know that they say, that it can take up to 48 hours but I completed countless tasks, and they verified it in less than half an hour. Why is that? Thanks for helping!

    6 april 2020 18:53 89

    send again lol

    6 april 2020 19:47 89

    Yeah, I would, but it's not getting accepted nor rejected

    6 april 2020 19:48 89

    I don't have this problem

    7 april 2020 15:31 89

    Try to take another interface, For example at the end of the match you must have used a tier 2 ship on the statistics of the match and then take a screenie.

    7 april 2020 17:28 89

    I just tried that. Waiting for verification

    7 april 2020 17:31 89

    Did that work for you btw?

    7 april 2020 18:19 89

    hey guys I made a new account and I made the task... I sent a screen shot it said it's looks like you didn't registered a new account then I made a new account again and they still rejecting me... *** schoul I do . I'm so fed up with gamehags system... I redirected through gamehag but still **** what should I do... I tried to contact with misty but it's usless saying the same thing what the rejaction mail... sooo please someone help me

    16 april 2020 17:11 89

    not very good game

    22 april 2020 16:15 89

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