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    Not receiving gems for Lords Mobile from Fyber

    I have completed this task and waited for 3 days before I send a support ticket to Fyber. They asked for screenshot for proof, well I have sent through email hope that they will give some response but they didn't. Almost a week from the day I have completed this task but not receiving gems. 1)Anyone got the gems after sending support ticket? 2)Which screenshot you have sent is accepted? 3)Or this is just a scam?.-.

    8 november 2017 08:23 1628

    I got my gems today, 😉

    9 november 2017 10:04 1628

    me tengo que ir al play store de google o al de la app para que me accepte la mision?

    10 november 2017 01:49 1628

    how to you send ticket to fyber?

    10 november 2017 02:20 1628

    There is a link under the wall of terror, scroll all the way down and you will see that.

    10 november 2017 06:53 1628

    Dude, you're so lucky...
    The Fyber team blocked my account before I sent the proof of the offer.
    They said like "We block accounts automatically and we can't undo this".

    24 november 2017 01:22 1628

    Oh, I have heard that they will block the account if you send too many emails to them.
    Did you complete what the task require? Although it is written complete castle 11, it means you have to level up your castle to 12.

    24 november 2017 06:05 1628

    This is the screenshot that I have sent and successfully got the 5000+ gems. Hope it helps.

    24 november 2017 06:11 1628

    wasting time not receiving sg form lm i already completed task

    21 january 2019 02:46 1628

    Lords mobile sucks, don't play it

    22 january 2019 00:00 1628

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