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    How to prove my task complete?

    I dont know how to prove my first task (five match played). The statistic page on my profile, doesnt show my name, if i send that picture i will be rejected. Please Help me how to prove it. I finished the task within the time and i think its unfair for not informing your users enough how to do it right. In my last 3 day every of my submitted task rejected. Most of them because you dont provide information what you exactly want to see.

    1 april 2020 22:01 2830

    20min and the task bonus reward are unavailable.
    Shame on you little witch....

    1 april 2020 23:44 2830

    i th'nk fortnite is a good game an baby graphics but fortnite want good pc

    2 april 2020 14:18 2830

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