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    Bloxburg Roblox

    cant play this beacause this robux

    25 october 2020 16:50 1625

    I really like this game pls pls pls can i have robux now this is getting annoying i swear to god this thing sucks but still just do what i m doing here and you will level up easily so yeah just type random things and you will level up i think no i don't think you actually will so whoever reading this comment.

    28 october 2020 20:55 1625

    I bought bloxburg but its boring so much boring i like tower of **** more

    29 october 2020 13:00 1625

    meh bloxburg is fun if your into "real life simulator" games when your making money it feels like you in real life

    29 october 2020 13:50 1625

    I just need 5 more robust to buy bloxburg

    31 october 2020 00:45 1625

    i bought bloxburg and i dont regret it lol i made a 500k house and people are atracted to it

    31 october 2020 04:57 1625

    Nah I hate this game I love simulation game

    31 october 2020 06:48 1625

    This Game have a lot of gold diggers and it's borring

    31 october 2020 06:56 1625

    Bloxburg Cheap but now days adopt me out shines thsi game by a whole margin guys/ladies

    31 october 2020 07:26 1625

    Bloxburg is very very nice. I recommend :).

    31 october 2020 17:44 1625

    I love Bloxburg but you need a lot of robux for it tho

    31 october 2020 19:49 1625

    i like this game but i dont have robux to enter in the game and pls like my com to have 10 years of Good luck :)

    4 november 2020 09:27 1625

    well yeah I think Bluxburg is one of the best games on Roblox... But accually I do not have it, but I like watching others to play it. When I will have enought soulgems I want Robuxes for sure

    4 november 2020 20:19 1625

    Yes, but too many ODers, Toxic players, and Trollers, they ruined the fun of players that joined and paid in ROBLOX Bloxburg. Their Moderation system are worst than the LSS, Last Shelter Survival. How LSS, Last Shelter Survival worst? Well, good question, they are paid-to-win game, and all of high levels dominating all the low levels so it's unfair to all of them.

    6 november 2020 04:41 1625

    I like jobs what they providing, its roleplay like real life

    7 november 2020 07:53 1625

    its a nice game BUT the noobs asking me to dount

    7 november 2020 09:51 1625

    i played it its really good but sadly its costs robux

    7 november 2020 10:25 1625

    Nah bloxburg make me feel board but goodjob

    7 november 2020 16:23 1625

    i love bloxbur but right now i am collecting Sg to get bloxburg.

    7 november 2020 16:33 1625

    hi guys I vought welcome to bloxburg beta with 1000 robux in my pocket gamehag helps to get robux so I continue playing gamehag so I can get free robux.but guys I prefer you not to use the robux generators it is a scam dont use it anyways this is my comment.

    8 november 2020 21:26 1625

    Gamehag is a nice game though my cousin told me you can get robux from gamehag so I continued to use this app.thus is the best app in the world.

    8 november 2020 21:28 1625

    because you need gamepass if you want to enjoy the game

    16 november 2020 16:23 1625

    I like roblox, im actually saving up soulgems for 25 robux so i can buy it, my friend has it so we want to play together :)

    16 november 2020 18:29 1625

    I want robux to buy dust thats all

    17 november 2020 16:36 1625

    Well, here's the problem;
    Bloxburg isn't a "mini-game", it's a game. It's not considered a mini-game because Roblox isn't a game. It's an app that has games.
    There's also a game called "Epic Minigames". If Blocksburg or any other games on Roblox were labeled as a "mini-game", then "Epic Minigames" would be "Epic Minigames Inside a Minigame".

    19 november 2020 04:25 1625

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