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    Bloxburg Roblox

    Roblox is a game where there are several minigame, among these minigames there is Bloxburg.

    Bloxburg is a roblox mini-game where you have to build a house and act. It costs 25 robux. These 25 robux can be easily done with gamehag by playing games and doing missions or by making articles and in many other ways.
    Bloxburg is a roblox mini-game compatible with all devices where you have a lot and you have an initial house, you can demolish this house and you cannot build your own, you can make it the color, shape and color you want. There are also many animations for example when you cook, if you don't like your roblox avatar you can change your clothes, face, hair, you can also buy animations and you can change the age and height. There is the "MOOD" that practically exists: Fun, Hunger, Hygiene and Energy. In fun you have to have fun for example, playing on the PC, going to the pool, watching TV ... In hunger you have to eat, you can go to buy things in the supermarket or cook them taking the ingredients from the fridge ... In hygiene you have to wash or go to the bathroom or wash your hands, face or teeth ... In energy instead you have to sleep or look on the sofa.
    To build a house and decorate it you need money, to make money you have to work, there are many jobs for example the one where you have to deliver the pizzas, the one where you have to clean the city, the one where you have to rate the pizzas, the one where you have to be a cashier and many others. In the job you can also be promoted and therefore earn more money. Bloxburg rewards you every day i.e. money and money, the money is the normal one instead the blocks of money that makes them on the fifth day in a row in bloxburg give you a reward i.e. a trophy, if you enter 30 times on blockbux (not necessarily below) ) gives you 200 blockbux. Sometimes the electricity bill will arrive, the cost depends on how many electronic things you have in the house, if you don't pay the bill the light will no longer work.
    To move quickly there are also cars, skateboards, bicycles ... with the "Q" key you can do different actions with the vehicles for example: with the car you can sound the horn, with the bicycle you can ring the bell and with the skateboard you can jump. Bloxburg is always up to date, for example in this period that there is Covid-19, they added masks, at Christmas they always put snow and Christmas decorations, on New Year's Eve they put fireworks and many other things. For me bloxburg is a beautiful minigame, I recommend you play it, if you don't have robux and you can't afford them you can use gamehag as you read at the beginning.

    28 march 2020 23:11 1625

    I wish I could play bloxburg I just don't have money I'd rather play get a minecraft java licence I use alts

    29 march 2020 00:00 1625

    Oop I love roblox :O

    29 march 2020 00:03 1625

    I wish I could play bloxburg I just don't have money I'd rather play get a minecraft java licence I use alts

    29 march 2020 00:27 1625

    nice game i like it

    29 march 2020 00:28 1625

    Bloxburg is alright tbh but its kinda overated in my opinion i dont pkay it as much

    29 march 2020 00:29 1625

    bloxburg is the my favourite game

    29 march 2020 23:49 1625


    29 march 2020 23:53 1625

    bloxburg is an awesome game and if u have robux u should try it but boredem just strike me :(

    30 march 2020 03:21 1625

    dont play anymore but when theres new update i will play i Was kinda rich in bloxburg

    30 march 2020 03:22 1625

    i miss it allll :( im so bored tho its boring now to me

    30 march 2020 03:23 1625

    this is a good game :>

    30 march 2020 03:36 1625

    i wish i could play it but i dont have enough robus ;w;

    30 march 2020 03:37 1625

    Bloxburg is a good game on roblox only if it was free it would be better in my opinion.

    30 march 2020 09:51 1625

    wow cool that is super cool

    30 march 2020 10:18 1625

    its not free

    30 march 2020 11:26 1625

    i was checkig this as i have robux and i was deciding on whether to buy bloxburg or not and this helped and convinced me to buy it so thank you

    30 march 2020 11:38 1625

    god you brou you are god!

    30 march 2020 12:22 1625

    this is very goode

    30 march 2020 12:23 1625

    Very good gamee

    30 march 2020 12:30 1625

    i love roblox

    30 march 2020 13:50 1625

    I love this game

    30 march 2020 15:05 1625

    I love bloxburg but game not free

    5 april 2020 20:35 1625

    Nice Review

    5 april 2020 20:45 1625

    so i have never played blox burg! :( sadly i dont have rpbux! but one day i will get some!🙁

    6 april 2020 14:24 1625

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