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    Why roblox didn't giving us promocodes??

    Go ask them

    28 march 2020 20:15 2173

    well i guess the reason is that the devs think that giving out promocodes will be a GREAT loss to them... also since many kids continually buy robux and that too in huge quantities, the devs dont need to encourage such a behavior by giving out such codes

    29 march 2020 07:36 2173

    Because Roblox want to earn more money, and loads of people are buying Robux, and there's a lot of stuff that doesn't need Robux in catalog.

    29 march 2020 08:35 2173

    Because of the current even going on, and there has been past promocode that give you variety.

    29 march 2020 08:51 2173

    because they don't want to ((:

    3 april 2020 12:18 2173

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