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    Where are the 5€ Steam wallets?

    So 10 days ago there was a 8% deal on 5€ Steam Wallets, I guess this is one of the more sought-after rewards (bought two myself) which is why I haven't received any of them yet but I wonder... How many are still waiting for theirs from this deal? Saw it was on a 6% deal the other day also so I'm worried it'll get backed up even more.

    18 october 2017 12:37 1628

    idk man, I got my paysafe in 2 days. I'm sure you gift card will come soon enough ;)

    18 october 2017 15:51 1628

    I ordered it at full price 3000 SGs on 28th September, still waiting. so I guess there's quite a line

    18 october 2017 17:23 1628


    18 october 2017 18:16 1628

    It feels like this is the only reward which you need to wait up for 30 days. Everything for me comes in 2 days, but I wait for 10$ Steam wallet code for 15 days, so...

    18 october 2017 20:14 1628

    I ordered mine more than 3 weeks ago and still nothing....

    18 october 2017 22:37 1628

    Ok, at least I'm not alone... usually have received the 5€ within 3-5 days, this was a more extreme situation I guess. I did ask if they could just give me a 10€ instead of the two 5's but didn't get much for that thought.

    18 october 2017 23:47 1628

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