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    GW2 - Will the Dragon Rise again? (Part One)

    ArenaNet brings exiting news. Today we analyze the game, before getting into the hype for the announced third expansion.

    Tyria is again into the spotlight. The now 7-and-a-half years old dragon roared again, this time by announcing something really unexpected.
    Apparently, ArenaNet has new and bigger plans than continuing the Living World (wich continues, thanks to The Icebrood Saga, released ten days ago), and wants to move up further. But let's start from the beginning. We will enter the game, analyze what makes it different form aother MMORPGs, and why its end is still very far.


    What makes GW2 Unique?

    Looking on the web, GW2 seems pretty standard in the multiverse of MMORPGs. It features nine classes, that can be declined in five different races, spacing from the fiery Charr to the cute Asura. But, if you watch closer, this game can truly surprise you.

    First of all, it has a unique playmode. Unlike most MMORPGs, but like lots of single player role-playing games, it features an unseen storyline, wich responds to player actions. From the first, small questions you are asked about your character, to the game-changing choices, every decision you make will affect gameplay in ways you can't imagine; sometimes you won't even notice, cause everithing will evolve tremendously smoothly, as if it's the only way it could go. Choose how to handle an attack, decrete a man's fate, or condemn an entire city to slaughter. The entire Tyria is yours to choose.


    The Profession System

    Secondly, Guild Wars 2 features an incredible variety of option to choose between, regardless of the class you choose. You won't see the Warrior-Mage-Healer split here. The system goes deeper, featuring healing skills for every class, and different weapons to choose, wich give you different skills and, consequently, different roles and ways to play. Wanna be the classic Ranger with your bow and dog? You can. But you can switch to a healer or a support, or even a front line damage dealer, in no time, by simply change your weapons, your other 5 skills, and soem pieces of armor. 

    Last but not least, the classes themselves. GW2 features an incredible variety in classes; since most roles can be covered by every class by simply changing build (yeah, you can be a front line thief!), you can just play what you want, lore-talking. Yeah, some classes are better than others in doing something specific (a bow Warrior may be good, but not as strong as a Ranger), but you have multiple ways and game modes to play your class fully. This mrings the possiblity of classes you won't see elswhere. From the maybe common Necromancer, wich is not so common in MMORPGs anyway, to the illusionary Mesmer, wich brings deception and mirages to another level, to the skillfull Elementalist, who changes elements based on its needs. You can be a Revneant, summoning old legend's spirits to give you devastating abilites, or you can spend your gaming time by throwing grenades and build drones as an Engineer. Along with these uncommon classes, the game features more classic professions, like Warrior, Guardian, Ranger and Thief, but it brings the classics to another level. Here, a Warrior can wield a dagger and a shield and be strong as a staff Guardian.

    Oh, did i mention the game is F2P? And that you can achieve the top tiers without spending a cent?

    End of Part One...

    After this overview, we'll analyze the game state, and try to unravel the mistery-filled third expansion, with a really interesting hype-generating hint by ArenaNet.


    27 march 2020 11:16 1625

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