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    Quest rejected even with exactly five victories

    I had submitted a picture of my profile which had exactly five wins on it, yet the task was still rejected. Does anybody know what the issue is?

    24 march 2020 18:21 11

    YEah this is a scam website dude...dont waste ur time

    24 march 2020 18:24 11

    It's not a scam website, I have used this site for months and it's worked fine for me? Although this is the one task that seems to not work. I have made roughly $25.44 off this website.

    25 march 2020 02:17 11

    Now you got me worried because i did the same thing... I hope it gets approved D:

    25 march 2020 05:19 11

    I have 6 victories and still my task got rejected and I dont know why =/

    25 march 2020 14:23 11

    same i did the same thing and my task got rejected,this never happend to me on this website

    25 march 2020 14:43 11

    ive been rejected also with 5 straight wins. it could possibly be that i didnt use the play for free link on the site (although im not sure) or it could be that i got my wins on the "arcade" gamemode. although they didnt specify so idk

    27 march 2020 14:22 11

    and when i send the screenshot it gives me error, refresh the page and try again

    27 march 2020 15:19 11

    levelup me

    27 march 2020 15:54 11

    you've got to register through their site. Try and have an ign similar to your name in Gamehag. If all of that is done and you still aren't accepted just do it again. It's kinda easy.

    27 march 2020 16:18 11

    I think this is a very nice website .I am absolutely sure this is not a scam.

    27 march 2020 17:30 11

    I might be a temporary problem.

    27 march 2020 17:31 11


    27 march 2020 18:49 11

    I've been rejected like 30 times in a row despite the fact that the image showed everything required.

    31 march 2020 21:20 11

    Join the discord, read the rules. Contact support and tell them, dont spam the same screenshot 81 times

    31 march 2020 23:19 11

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