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    Have you played Mount of the Gods?

    Have you played the game, because it's an excellent game. I played it around 3 hours yesterday with my friend, and we had a blast.! So I'm just asking what you think about the game if you have played it... and if you haven't, then go in on ROBLOX and play it today!!! If you want, we can play it together.

    22 march 2020 09:32 2173

    The game itself is fun, I tried it with my cousin when he already knew about it, and it was sure fun, but the islands kept getting bigger and bigger and we had to collect so much stuff so it doesn't look bad but it's fun nevertheless

    22 march 2020 09:37 2173

    True. It would be great if they made a "max" for the islands.

    22 march 2020 09:43 2173

    no but i think it like booga booga

    22 march 2020 10:28 2173

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