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    War Thunder

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    What is the best ammunition

    I’m played this game for a whild but still not knowing which ammunition can destroy plane easily

    17 march 2020 20:53 11

    Depends, tracers aren't the best for damage but they;re good if you're trying to get good with your aim, air target rounds are for.. well it's simple enough, air targets, ground targets is for ground targets of course, there's also armor piercing rounds probably for destroying mroe armored vehicles like bombers, of course there's armor piercing tracer rounds and armor piercing incendiary rounds, which I think explode or set fire, not entirely sure, there's alot of types of ammo and each one of them does something, you can search it up

    21 march 2020 14:57 11

    Oh thanks mate

    21 march 2020 15:09 11

    I don't know either. I juse use the default ammo.

    21 march 2020 15:54 11

    Gaaah ahha ha

    21 march 2020 16:00 11

    hi my name is hubwq

    23 march 2020 14:20 11

    German Minengeshoss and American Incendiary (iirc M23 was its name)are generally good against air targets. Other than that HEI and both types of ammo for Swedish planes seems to work well, i use.....

    26 april 2020 21:21 11

    default belts for Swedish planes.

    26 april 2020 21:22 11

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