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    The apocalypse is coming, you can save only 1 game....

    Just some forum fun

    Imagine the apocalypse is coming and you can save only 1 game to play as one of the few survivors which game would you take?

    Remember there will be no internet after the apocalypse, however throwing a LAN-party might be an option

    3 october 2017 13:13 1628

    I think i would take any GTA 3 or later game
    For me the GTA series always keep me coming back sooner or later and replay value is great

    I would also take a nerd hostage and force him to provide me with endless mods and new content *evillaugh*😈

    3 october 2017 13:17 1628

    Skyrim. So long as there are modders, this game can be expanded indefinatly. Many of the games I have that are better than Skyrim, are online, and those that can be played offline, I usually get bored of much faster than Skyrim.

    And who knows, one day modders are capable to let people play it together on a LAN party (if not already possible)

    3 october 2017 13:24 1628

    Skyrim ain't a bad choice either

    Seeing you also prefer a modder i'm guessing that post-apocalyptic currency could very well be nerds

    3 october 2017 15:53 1628

    I probably wouldn't be able to choose between GTA Vice City and San Andreas. But yeah, definately one of those two.

    3 october 2017 16:04 1628

    Fable :)) My favorite game series.

    3 october 2017 17:27 1628

    I've got A couple of choices that I'll narrow down:
    1.Fallout:New Vegas (the modding community makes me come back for more and the game is amazing)
    2.GTA 4 (IMO my favourite Gta game alongside the modding community)
    3.Skyrim (I loved the design of the world and once again the modding community is one of the biggest for this game)
    4.Garry's Mod (So many things to do and the Roleplay servers)

    I think i'll just throw Skyrim out right now since it's my least favourite on the list.
    Next I think I'll take out Garry's mod,since it does get boring once I run out of ideas.
    That just leaves Gta 4 and Fallout: New Vegas...

    In my opinion and I've been thinking this through,I think that if an apocalypse came and I had to pick a game,I would pick Neither.

    "WHAT" you may say,but hear me out.Fallout: New Vegas and Gta 4 are my 2 favourite games of all time and I can't go without one or the other.So screw it,I'll die of boredom.

    3 october 2017 21:18 1628

    @agrothelegend - I actually considered FO:New Vegas, but seeing at this point i'm already in a post-apocalyptic world i won't need any RPG for that anymore.
    But tell you what: You pick FO and i'll pick GTA, we can visit each others bunkers and do some co-op ^^

    4 october 2017 06:16 1628

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