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    Is Bloxy Award is Worth it?

    I mean I'm not saying for Roblox to Stop but the Chances different events only the The Bloxy was the Only Award Winning Game Place.It started Very simple creating a Place then Simple Player.I'm not Saying that they are Lazy but they did good fix that will change the Game like FREE Prizes and Stuff.They did went to Alot of Changes to Dynablock to What we Know and Love today was the First event with a Streaming at Roblox Before RDC was release.at the Same time I had alot of Good and Bad Expirience at Bloxy like Free Giveaway and that makes a Server full.I'm only angry because I join late at the Servers full of Youtubers,So instead I will find a Way to get in.Well I was also dumb when dyna blocks was still there name but now I have alot of change until Today!

    13 march 2020 10:51 2173

    it changes alot so nobody knows how it will be. i think its worth it but at the same time its not-

    13 march 2020 11:47 2173

    I don't know I haven't played with it yet

    13 march 2020 12:00 2173

    i dont know, maybe

    13 march 2020 12:36 2173

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