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    What do you think about the current state of Roblox

    Say and describe the current state of Roblox as of 2020

    13 march 2020 00:57 2173

    there are more games, avatar items , codes and a diffrent picture of robux for some reason even though people might think its shutting down .. its not. why would roblox randomly shut down after like 11 years of operating... all that changed is that there are more stuff and games

    13 march 2020 05:58 2173

    Well, I can tell that this game is really grown up, I don't know why people say that Roblox shut down.

    13 march 2020 10:49 2173

    roblox is pretty good these days, they finally listen to their fans now

    13 march 2020 13:43 2173

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