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    Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

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    Reward screenshot - New account problem

    I made a new account and got to lvl 5, but my task and screenshot keeps getting rejected stating "I haven't made a new account" even thought i did and i used the link they provide... Im confused.. do i keep sending the screenshot in hopes of eventually completing the task or do i need to do something else?

    10 march 2020 21:39 4117

    this also happend to me

    11 march 2020 01:43 4117

    i send them wrong screenshot LoL

    11 march 2020 15:14 4117

    Give my reward please: https://imgur.com/a/w1XKswW

    11 march 2020 15:58 4117

    Guess you do have to make a new new account in order to fix this...

    11 march 2020 19:15 4117

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