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    not getting SG somehow

    i wrote a whole article by my self so it's not a spamm or something like that but even tho i didn't get any SG + i voted for 10 articles and made a lor of helpfull threads and reported all spammers after all that i didn't get a single SG what should i do ?

    7 march 2020 14:08 1628

    Payouts for articles are provided after they have been vetted by the moderator. You'll get notified by Gamehag then. I'm not sure how voting works. Creating threads won't get you any SG (not counting leveling up), just XP. And only the first reporter for each comment get SG since that comment would be deleted right then and there, along with other reports related to it.

    7 march 2020 16:25 1628

    It usually takes a few days before you get the sg from writing articles.

    7 march 2020 16:49 1628

    thank you guys that really helped me out ^-^

    7 march 2020 20:39 1628

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