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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    Which Anti-Eco Gun do u choose?

    Anti-Eco is when a player has only 3000$ (CT) or 2600$ (T) so they have to make a choice on whether they would want to save or buy an SMG, Shotgun or the Negev to make more money because of Shotguns gives 900$ for every kill it makes it a good investment but it can only be ideal for the CT side because Shotguns are only good when holding close or medium angles while the SMG gives 150-600 dollars which can also be an excellent alternative to the Shotguns because they are cheap and some of them acts more like a rifle like the UMP45, but then comes the Negev, it is one of the most underrated weapons in CSGO and it is the only useful machine gun because after the first 15 rounds it turns into a laser beam, so if you notice most Anti-Eco rounds favours the CT side but for the T side it's not going to be very fair for them but the guns from the T side are already cheaper and stronger so it balances each other properly but I would want to know your opinion on which gun you would buy, The MP9, MAC10, MP5, MP7, UMP45, PP bison, P90, Nova, XM1014, Sawed off, Mag 7 or the Negev

    6 march 2020 13:07 808

    economy is great

    12 march 2020 01:41 808

    When your team wants to go eco i suggest you buy pistols or cheap smg like the mac-10 or mp7, if you choose pistol, i think you should go for p-250 , CZ or glock if its a small map, for largers map you will need accurate like the desert eagle or usp-s.😎

    13 march 2020 12:07 808

    @elprofessor_ yes pistols are also a good investment but it depends because the kill reward on a pistol gives only 300$ while the CZ75 gives 100$ and it can be a very risky investment as you have you rely on pure aim and movement but it can still be useful if your only 50$ short for an AWP but I suggest you buy an MP9 or a Mac10 because the MP9 has the highest fire rate and its 600$ kill reward is the highest among all smg and the Mac10 has good running accuracy so it's good for rushing a site and it also gives 600$ and shotguns are also a good investment like the Mag7 or the sawed-off if your holding angles because shotguns give 900$ for every kill so you only need 2 kills to pay its own worth. but if your talking about long-distance fights then I suggest you buy a smoke or a flashbang so that you won't be killed in an instant because even with pistols like the Desert eagle or the USP-S, it will still have a damage drop from the distance and the players hitboxes would be very small so it would be very hard to hit enemies from long range but the Deagle is an exception but it would still take a lot of effort to land that headshot because you can get killed instantly by a 1 tap of an Ak47 or by an SG553 or you can die by an Awper or get headshot by a person with a scout so my best bet is to go with an SMG or a Shotgun when your on an Eco round (the Negev is a different weapon, as its Overpowered with its laser recoil and with its price)

    13 march 2020 16:40 808

    Pistol works best, specially the two handed ones

    13 march 2020 20:57 808

    five seven is op af

    13 march 2020 21:25 808

    p2000 is best

    13 march 2020 22:20 808

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