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    Ornn: strong or weak for ranked?

    hello. i would like to know what you guys think of ornn. i barely see people play ihm. why is that? he is tank af and has nice cc. what are your reasons to play him/no to play him, especially in rankeds. is it an elo thing?

    25 september 2017 02:20 77

    I think orn is a really good chamo for normal but not for ranked.
    In ranked you need more damage if you want to end fast (ex. Yasou,Fiora,Garen)
    But if you want a late win you can get orn

    25 september 2017 12:43 77

    For Me Ornn is a Good Champion depends on the Player who uses him,

    he can also be a good setter/tank if he was used correctly I use Ornn Top/Support Due to his CC abilities also for his passive that allows his team to Upgrade benefits all of your allies like Upgraded IE,Solari,Redemption etc.,
    you can turn the tides of battle using his
    R, then W => Q => E for a Massive CC, but he is not a good damager, but he is good on teamfights like 3v3 - 5v5 clashes
    overall he's a good champ if used correctly.

    26 september 2017 15:18 77

    I haven't won a single game with Orn, I'm just bad with it, I've never really seen someone play wih Orn extremely good

    28 september 2017 00:27 77

    Ornn is a hard champ, you must know when to recast ultimate and at whith angle, skillshots are pretty hard to do too.

    29 september 2017 01:01 77

    Ornn is super weak right now, he has a winrate of 40%. Don't play him until he's buffed.

    6 october 2017 22:58 77

    tôi cũng không biết:v

    3 april 2020 09:18 77

    ornn is pretty strong even he just been nerf. well if you play him right

    3 april 2020 10:45 77

    Ornn oynaması güzel bir şampiyon ama bence ranked maçlarda çok şansı yok gibi duruyor

    3 april 2020 10:51 77

    Ornn is a staple in the meta right now. He can be played both mid and top (in fact , he has seen play in LCS and LEC as both midlaner and toplaner). So, if you want to learn to play Ornn, don't hesitate, it's worth the time!

    3 april 2020 11:05 77

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