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    This game is bad

    Sorry my comrade but is true

    29 february 2020 17:59 77

    I dont play this game but i know lol wont die

    1 march 2020 21:07 77

    you're right lol can't die

    3 march 2020 14:40 77

    It's not that bad

    3 march 2020 15:52 77

    I played it. There is a lot of toxic player who nonstop flame :(

    4 march 2020 16:52 77


    4 march 2020 18:02 77

    Acctually the game itself is not bad ,that is full of crappy players that's the second part ,i see league as a such awesome game well made and a lot of new stuff every day , you can see that the owner still cares about that game and still wants to be alive , If the toxics are a problem for you is always easy to just mute them , really easy , and if you are bad , still not a problem , you just need to be really focused on many things like cs , exp ,minimap, and ofcourse objectives try to secure those how good u can , and you're good to go , trust me

    12 march 2020 15:39 77

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