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    What are your opinions on roblox?

    Roblox is a kid friendly game but what do you think of it as? Is it like a game you hold dear? Maybe you dont really like it? Give me your opinions.

    28 february 2020 21:19 2173

    Roblox is a good game, it has many games, many people to play with and you can make lots of friends!

    28 february 2020 21:31 2173

    It has every category you like as a game! People make games on roblox and you can play it for yourself! For say: If you like anime! There are JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Games, Once Piece Games, Dragon Ball Z games and many more!

    28 february 2020 21:38 2173

    Great but it doesnt have reallygood games like it had before

    28 february 2020 22:03 2173

    It's a great game with a variety of categories, but... Rthro in specific just repeats simulator games and has a dedicated spot. I wish we could replace this with newer places that we could discover.

    28 february 2020 22:08 2173

    For me is a great game but contains repeating maps

    28 february 2020 22:13 2173

    personally I think roblox is an amazing game, if you take out the predators and online daters. Games such as Arsenal, Jailbreak and others are addicting games for me.

    29 february 2020 01:29 2173

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