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    war thunder vs world of warships

    does this game compare to warthunder ships or is it different?

    26 february 2020 13:41 89

    war thunder is better but the ships are easier to use

    26 february 2020 17:04 89

    not everything...While combat is an important part of the game, playtime will not be limited to beating others. There are y of collectibles, but we can even fish and cook if we wish. Of course, there is no need to overthink these, for example fis is a simple quick time event, and you can imy cook your fish at a nearby campfire. Consuank more ood for us. Of course, we need to gather the ingredients for these. Different meals also give you different bonuseytrewse

    29 february 2020 13:22 89

    I think they are both very good and there is no need to compare them... Play both !"" )))

    21 march 2020 15:58 89

    I think warthunder is better, but i play both

    21 march 2020 16:26 89

    war thunder. It's better..
    here is reason: you can pick three vehicles
    it supports multilanguage
    anticheat is there, so you cant get mad because nobody will cheat there
    and there are boys. Yep, it's all I know...warship would be boring for me..I never liked vehicles on water

    27 march 2020 17:21 89

    war thunder. It's best.

    27 march 2020 17:36 89

    smh war thunder is so p2w. in WoW the only thing matters is skill, not some overpowered premium vehicle

    19 april 2020 13:29 89

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