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    something clear about me about Csgo

    will always be the best game of weapons and first-person shooters for everyone this game is a classic clear that will always improve because that is what it is about every day something is improved to continue bringing more people to this game but without a doubt I would never stop playing

    25 february 2020 07:20 808

    This game is so good that everyone should play it, but sadly many people like pubg or fortnite which are good games but actually not challenging in a good way. They have a lot of bloom which takes away that realistic effect and challenging nature.

    25 february 2020 08:42 808

    i used to play so many game but csgo it got somthing that keep me stay

    19 march 2020 15:57 808

    This game is very good.I play it for 4 houres a day!

    19 march 2020 16:40 808

    Play warmup deathmatch and then Faceit

    19 march 2020 18:04 808

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