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    WHich is better, lol or dota?

    I think lol but i wanna know your opinions

    24 february 2020 06:38 77

    I played both actually, and i vote for LOL. its graphics are way better, and gameplay much easier

    24 february 2020 16:48 77

    dota 2. this game inpired other moba games like LOL.

    24 february 2020 17:12 77

    dota is better but its subjective

    24 february 2020 19:03 77

    i think the lol is better

    24 february 2020 19:25 77

    100% league of legends

    26 february 2020 10:13 77

    I think
    both are bad

    17 march 2020 10:57 77

    league of legend magnifique jeu trop bien !

    17 march 2020 11:31 77

    Of course League of Legends

    17 march 2020 12:15 77

    lol better i thing

    21 march 2020 23:44 77

    lol is easier

    22 march 2020 09:10 77

    keague is better

    22 march 2020 10:45 77

    Lol is better because of easy mechanics and better graphics.

    22 march 2020 10:55 77

    i think both are good i liked leauge more for its easyer to get into gameplay, but now i think dota is better there are som mutch more you can do to opimise gameplay like dropping item that give you mana or heath to heal more efficent, and you can cut down terrein(trees) to prevent juking around them. end amutch more

    22 march 2020 13:53 77

    Dota is the reason LOL exists

    22 march 2020 13:53 77

    I'm going to have to say Dota 2, if we are just looking at objective qualities. Avoiding subjective things like difficulty and the way the game plays, Dota is much more kind to free players, who can play every character in the game without paying money. It's also easier to learn enemies abilities since you can actually view other people's abilities in-game.

    22 march 2020 22:13 77

    I played both.And LoL and Dota 2.Dota have better graphics.LoL have better gameplay.But still LoL is better.If someone ask why.It have better goal.In Dota u have all champions.In LoL u need to deserve it.Goal in LoL is to have fun with skins and many champions.Its preety awesome.In Dota gameplay is really annoying and borring.Goal doesnt exist.Mechanic is better in LoL.Voices too.And its updating every few weeks.So my choise is LoL.Like most of the people.Dota is for beginners.

    22 march 2020 22:29 77

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